The Story Behind ExplorBox


Recently, I started a small business called ‘ExplorBoxes‘ and since it means so much to me, I want to share with you the ‘why’ behind my business.

The Story Behind ExplorBoxes:

I started this blog about two years, and while I love blogging for fun, I’ve been feeling there is something else I am supposed to be doing…something bigger. I started to think about all the connections I have made with so many great small business owners throughout the past few years. Some through my blog, some friends, and others through social media.


One day I said to myself, “How can I help all of these amazing people grow their businesses and support them?”, and that’s when ExplorBoxes was born! The idea of starting a business has always been something I aspired to do. I started ExplorBoxes in March 2018, and have been working non-stop ever since to help support these small businesses across the US the best I can!

The main idea behind ExplorBoxes is to collaborate and help grow these businesses and their artisan products. Each product featured in ExplorBoxes is handmade, organic, and/or supports a good cause. And because I am an eco-friendly person, my packaging is minimalistic and straightforward for two reasons:⠀

  1.  The products inside are what should stand out, NOT the packaging; and⠀
  2. All packaging material is 100% recycled! (And I encourage you to reuse/repurpose the box for storage!)📦

Supporting local/small businesses gives me a sense of pride and I hope you share that feeling with me! Working from home and running a business on your own comes with many ups and downs – but connecting with others, networking & collaborating with them has all been a learning experience, and I’m loving every second of it. ⠀

If you are looking to explore new homemade/organic products, then I invite you to head over to ExplorBoxes and check out this month’s box!


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