Soy Candles vs. Paraffin Candles

soy candles

Why choose soy candles over traditional paraffin candles?

Everyone loves a good smelling candle, but what if I told you some of the candles you have in your home are dangerous to your health?! Most candle companies today have switched over to using soy wax, but there are still a lot of candles on the market that is made with paraffin. Paraffin wax is a by-product from petroleum, a gas that is non-renewable and releases carcinogens and toxins into the air.  Soy candles are better for our health and our environment.

Soy candle benefits:

  • Burns cleaner –
    A candle made with soybean wax is non-toxic meaning unlike paraffin candles, soy candles do not release toxins into the air as it burns and releases very little soot.
  • Lasts much longer –
    Soy candles burn at a cooler temperature and when combined with essential oils, the smell and burn time of soy candles last much longer than paraffin candles!
  • No toxins, carcinogens or pollutants –
    Paraffin candles are made from petroleum, which is a non-renewable source that contains harmful toxins and carcinogens that are emitted into the air when burned. Soybean wax is the complete opposite, it’s 100% natural and non-toxic.
  • Eco-friendly/biodegradable –
    Soy wax is natural, making it easier to clean up if spilled.
  • Supports farmers & small business owners –
    Using soy candles not only offers better health & eco benefits, but it also supports soybeans farmers and soy candle artisans!



So, if you’re looking for the best soy candles, my favorites are from Terra Verde Soy, Ethos Handmade, Urban Wanderlust, and Shivelight Candles – you can find their candles here! But, the next time you go to the store to buy a new yummy candle, remember these benefits and make sure it’s a soybean wax candle!


The Story Behind ExplorBox


Recently, I started a small business called ‘ExplorBoxes‘ and since it means so much to me, I want to share with you the ‘why’ behind my business.

The Story Behind ExplorBoxes:

I started this blog about two years, and while I love blogging for fun, I’ve been feeling there is something else I am supposed to be doing…something bigger. I started to think about all the connections I have made with so many great small business owners throughout the past few years. Some through my blog, some friends, and others through social media.


One day I said to myself, “How can I help all of these amazing people grow their businesses and support them?”, and that’s when ExplorBoxes was born! The idea of starting a business has always been something I aspired to do. I started ExplorBoxes in March 2018, and have been working non-stop ever since to help support these small businesses across the US the best I can!

The main idea behind ExplorBoxes is to collaborate and help grow these businesses and their artisan products. Each product featured in ExplorBoxes is handmade, organic, and/or supports a good cause. And because I am an eco-friendly person, my packaging is minimalistic and straightforward for two reasons:⠀

  1.  The products inside are what should stand out, NOT the packaging; and⠀
  2. All packaging material is 100% recycled! (And I encourage you to reuse/repurpose the box for storage!)📦

Supporting local/small businesses gives me a sense of pride and I hope you share that feeling with me! Working from home and running a business on your own comes with many ups and downs – but connecting with others, networking & collaborating with them has all been a learning experience, and I’m loving every second of it. ⠀

If you are looking to explore new homemade/organic products, then I invite you to head over to ExplorBoxes and check out this month’s box!

Why Artisan-Made Products Are Better

Have you found yourself at the store lately searching for products that aren’t full of all the harmful chemicals and crap, and are just not having any luck?  Yeah, me too!  That being said, you DO see a lot of products labeled as ‘green friendly’ or even ‘organic’ – but sadly, a lot of that is just marketing tactics and not very honest. Sorry if that sounded so much like a commercial lol, but it’s true!

So, what the heck is ‘artisan’ and what is all the hype about? It’s defined as a person or company that makes a high-quality, distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand and uses traditional methods (without all the crazy harmful perseverates like the stuff you buy in the store now). Before I started my business, ExplorBoxes, I was finding myself at Target searching up and down the aisles for items made without all the crap chemicals that NOBODY can even pronounce, and I was struggling! I know the stores are now becoming more “conscious” of harmful preservatives and focusing more on the vegan lifestyle and non-GMO products, but some of it cannot be trusted.

A label that says ‘made with organic ingredients’ can be used when a product contains at least 70% organic ingredients but is not accompanied by the official USDA Organic seal. Because of this, I started to realize that big box stores (such as Target and Walmart) are slowly becoming full of products that claim to be organic but aren’t 100%.

Recently, I started searching on Etsy and other websites for products that are handmade and TRULY organic/eco-friendly. I started coming across so many small artisanal businesses that make AMAZING body & beauty products that it made me think… “Ugh, why can’t I find more of this in the big box stores?!”. That’s when it dawned on me and I started thinking of ways to get these businesses more exposure. 

I have done quite a bit of research and have learned that most all homemade products sold by artisan businesses are preservative free. This is why getting products from them is beneficial because they do not require the preservatives since they are made fresh and are used within a short period of time. But, sometimes the use of preservatives is necessary to ensure quality products and to prevent bacterial growth and skin infections. If they are required, those businesses I’ve come across during my search use natural preservatives, such as grapefruit seed extract or antioxidants, because they want the same benefits as you – safe and healthy.

Every business I’ve partnered with through ExplorBoxes has not only provided me with fantastic products, but the customer service is spectacular and that’s what makes me love what I do even more! I invite you to check out my website for ExplorBoxes and subscribe to a monthly box! You’re going to love what you receive in each monthly box, I guarantee it!

What the Heck Are Macromolecules?!

There is an equation to life and it goes like this: Food + Water + x = Life.

Put on your science nerd glasses and let’s learn about macromolecules.

Macromolecules (food) are essential for living. Every cell in the human body is made up of millions of elements, which are used to help us function, reproduce and much more. The four primary organic compounds found in all living things are carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids – also known as fats.

So, let’s break this down.

Carbohydrates (sugars) are the primary source of energy for all living things. The building block of carbs is glucose, which is considered the fuel to our bodies.

Nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) are composed of smaller units called nucleotides, which contain sugar molecules, a phosphate group, and a nitrogen base. There are two essential nucleic acids – DNA and RNA.

Proteins are more than just big muscles and protein shakes. Nucleic acids rely on proteins, which are composed of long chains of related simple amino acids. There are 20 different types of amino acids that our bodies depend on to continue to exist – histidine, isoleucine, lysine, leucine, phenylalanine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine, and valine.

Lipids help store energy and consist of a large group of molecules, including fat-soluble vitamins, fatty acids, and sterols which are hormones and cholesterol.

BUT – That’s not all that’s essential for living.

Along with macromolecules, water is crucial. The human body weight is approximately 60% water, meaning it is incredibly vital to a functioning body.  Your body uses water in all its cells by regulating its body temperature and maintaining other bodily functions.

Macromolecules and water are essential to life at a cellular level because the cell itself cannot perform or function properly without them. The four primary organic compounds are broken down by their own enzymes through a process of chemical reactions.

So, the answer to the equation: the x in Food + Water + x = Life is enzymes. For example, proteins are essential for building and maintaining the tissues and muscles in the body. When consuming proteins, the body uses enzymes called protease in the stomach to break down the protein into amino acids. Amylase is another enzyme that is used to break down starches and carbohydrates into sugars, and lipase is used to break down lipids.

Now that you know what the heck macromolecules are, you should continue being healthy by eating your fruits and veggies, but don’t forget the carbs! So many try the ‘no carb’ diet, but as you now know, carbs are crucial to living!